Integrated Well Completions

Delivering Better Wells, Easier and Faster

Well completion requires many specific services from multiple points of contact.
Often, operators contact, negotiate with, and manage several service providers
during a well completion project. And, because those service providers operate independently, they require a lot of redundant personnel and equipment at the wellsite. This large footprint can have a negative impact on efficiency and may unnecessarily increase HSE exposure.

Within Halliburton, three product service lines (PSLs) often work side-by-side at the wellsite: Completion Tools, Production Enhancement, and Wireline and Perforating. Now, these groups have brought their services together into a single offering, changing the equation. Operators can now schedule and manage many aspects of a well completion job through a single point of contact.

Our Integrated Completions offering brings together a continuously evolving set of technologies. From surface equipment, downhole equipment, and intelligent services, we’ve got you covered. While combining services into a single offering is convenient for customers, it’s just the beginning. The benefits from individual technologies come together to dramatically improve efficiency, HSE, and reliability. Close collaboration between teams allows us to complete a job with a much smaller footprint, making the entire operation safer and more efficient.