High-performance tools for unconventional completions

Halliburton drillable squeeze packers and bridge plugs are designed for wellbore zonal isolation, stimulation, remedial cementing, and plug and abandonment (P&A) operations. Our drillable bridge plugs are available in metal and composite materials, ranging in size from 3 ½ to 20 inches, and are designed to operate in wellbore conditions up to 425⁰F (218.3⁰C).

Cement Retainers

Halliburton cement retainers are designed for cement squeeze applications, on both land-based and offshore rigs and in various well types. 

EZ Drill® SVB Squeeze Packer 

Equipped with a brass mandrel that absorbs greater tensile and impact loads as compared to cast iron mandrel tools. Available with API 11D1 designation. 

Fas Drill® SVB Squeeze Packer 

Sliding valve brass packers designed with minimal ferrous metal content for easy drill out and a stinger-operated sliding valve for bi-directional pressure control. 

Bridge Plugs

Used between zones in horizontal and multistage stimulation treatments to provide isolation or as barriers for temporary abandonment or BOP change out. 

Fas Drill® Bridge Plug

Optimal when temporary abandonment is required or where minimal weight is available to remove a conventional metal bridge plug. Pumpdown versions facilitate getting tools to TD, reducing pump rates by up to 50%.

Obsidian® Bridge Plug 

Designed to isolate perforated intervals or portions of a well, its unique material allows for enhanced durability and easy drilling in horizontal applications.


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