Make faster, more profitable field development decisions

Field development is increasingly challenging as the industry targets tighter reservoirs, deeper water, more mature assets, and difficult economic conditions.

Halliburton applies its global expertise to help you select and apply innovative technologies customized to the specific needs of your field as it evolves from appraisal to maturity.

Time is money, and we apply our approach to agile field development with your need to develop your fields efficiently and profitably.

We assess and prioritize assets using our consulting methodology and recommend game-changing technologies across the field development landscape, so you can achieve operational and financial success.


  • Advanced geophysical and logging techniques are used to characterize reservoirs and identify additional hydrocarbons
  • Reservoir modeling and simulation at every step of a field’s life help select the right development options
  • Drilling, completion, and stimulation technologies enhance reservoir contact, well productivity, and ultimate recovery
  • Enhanced oil recovery is customized to individual field requirements
  • Digital oilfield technologies increase operating efficiency and production