Get the best core samples 

Halliburton coring services save time and associated costs by recovering high quality core samples in any environment. The collaborative approach allows our customers to perform advanced analysis of rock properties to fully understand their reservoir potential

Our services include solutions for conventional & unconventional reservoirs including a suite of products designed for the best coring recovery

Coring Services

RockStrong™ Coring System

RockStrong™ Coring System

The RockStrong™ coring and anti-jamming system was designed for maximum reliability under the harshest conditions.


Sidewall Coring Services

 CoreVault® Solution

CoreVault® Solution

The CoreVault™ solution keeps rock samples in a sealed container, so 100% of the fluid in the core sample will be preserved for analysis.


Drill bits coring services

Halliburton is a leader in in-depth coring services, having obtained core samples from around the world, from the hardest rock in the harshest environment with the most challenging applications.

Our coring services get the best samples quickly and efficiently, providing operators the best rock to extract valuable data from.

Conventional coring

  • Our conventional coring tools are designed for extreme environments and the tightest tolerances
  • A new swivel assembly and conventional Full Closure System work with anti-jamming technology to equal a 95 percent recovery rate

Unconventional coring

  • We specialize in unconventional environments by leveraging our advanced coreheads technology with our tailored solution approach
  • Designed to maximize rate of penetration and minimize downhole vibration

Sidewall coring services

Halliburton wireline coring services reduce the cost of core retrieval from unconventional environments, like tight formations or highly deviated wellbores. When deployed, our services help ensure quality samples that allow operators to get the most from a reservoir while using the least amount of resources.

CoreVault™ Fluid Sampling Service

CoreVault™ Fluid Sampling Service

Sidewall coring

  • Rotary sidewall coring services gather high-quality samples in a single run
  • Effective up to 450° F and 35,000 psi
  • The Xaminer® Coring Tool collects large diameter cores in deep water environments, providing a unique combination of high-speed bit rotation, torque, and bit advancement
  • The CoreVault® service can capture up to 10 samples in one run and is the industry’s only rotary coring tool that that physically seals cores after capture
  • The Percussion Sidewall Coring Tool can collect up to 116 formation samples in one run

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