Make more informed decisions to help maximize return on investment

Transitioning Data Rooms to the cloud can help reduce costs and time associated with hardware setup and travel to physical data rooms and enables E&P acquisition and divestment opportunities to be assessed and promoted from anywhere in the world. With more expert eyes on the data, more informed decisions can be made to help maximize return on investment.

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Secure global access

Access the people and data required to promote E&P opportunites easily and securely.

  • Up and running fast: Get your virtual data room operational in a matter of hours
  • Secure access anywhere, anytime: Stay in control with secure access to data from anywhere in the world

Showcase your acreage

Promote farm-in opportunies and bidding rounds from anywhere in the world.

  • Global audience: Promote investment opportunities around the world from a virtual data room
  • Drive investment: Showcase your acreage at its best with integrated DecisionSpace® 365 cloud solutions

Data security

Data is hosted in iEnergy® Cloud, which is guided by several industry-standard guidelines and best practices including ISO 27001, the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cyber Security Framework (CSF), and SOC2.

Rapid provisioning and configuration

Open cloud-technology enables approved investors and operators to be onboarded in a matter of hours to rapidly engage them in farm-in and farm-out opportunities and provides on-demand storage.

DecisionSpace® 365 SaaS

Access to intelligent DecisionSpace® 365 cloud applications and solutions to conduct complete and comprehensive evaluations.

Dedicated support services

Access to additional services for data migration, data loading and data room workflows are available.

Virtual collaboration

Empower investors in-house expertise to drive informed decision-making from anywhere in the world.

  • Reduced travel time: Get investors up and running faster with rapid set up and easy management of a secure virtual data room
  • Global collaboration: Enable Investors to collaborate and evaluate opportunities faster than ever before

Comprehensive toolkit

Provide investors with flexible access to effective tools for subsurface evaluation..

  • Rapid evaluations: Provide access to complete and integrated SaaS solutions for rapid evaluations
  • Due diligence: Empower investors to exercise due diligence on the data you make available to support their decision to invest.

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