Maximize productivity; reduce costs

As the oil and gas industry produces from tighter reservoirs, deeper water, and more mature assets during challenging economic times, it is critical to select and apply the right technical solutions to your production problems.

Halliburton’s global expertise in production optimization helps you select and apply the right technologies and processes that are customized to your reservoir for optimal efficiency and profitability.


Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR) Pilot Design

A net present value increased nearly 300% over the base case by implementing chemical EOR processes after extending the waterflooding.

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Cutting-edge technologies for operating and economic success

Halliburton’s services and expertise span the production spectrum so you can continuously improve asset value and operate more efficiently:

  • Advanced reservoir characterization and geomechanical analysis show current field conditions
  • Workover, completion, stimulation, water conformance, and sand control technologies address operating challenges, increase production, and reduce the cost per barrel
  • Reservoir modeling and simulation help evaluate the potential impact of new technologies on production
  • Enhanced oil recovery is customized to your reservoir
  • Digital oilfield technologies increase operating efficiency and production