World Oil Magazine / September 2022

Advanced reservoir control systems enable digital offshore operations

The ongoing digital transition of active downhole reservoir management means a move from legacy hydraulic Intelligent Completion systems to an all-electric future.

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Intelligent Completion Products

SmartWell® Intelligent Completion Systems

SmartWell® Intelligent Completion Systems

Collect, transmit, and analyze downhole data, and remotely control and monitor reservoir zones with Halliburton SmartWell® completion systems.

DataSphere® Permanent Monitoring Suite

DataSphere® Permanent Monitoring Suite

The Halliburton DataSphere permanent monitoring suite is part of our advanced completions platform, a robust combination of the best in sand control, multilateral and intelligent completion technology.

eMotion® Remotely Operated Downhole Valves

eMotion® Remotely Operated Downhole Valves

Halliburton eMotion valves provide interventionless remote control of hydraulically actuated completion equipment, eliminating multiple wireline runs.

Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors

Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors

The Halliburton Completion Tools Fuzion® suite of wet-mate connectors facilitates removal of the upper completion from the lower completion without using destructive intervention methods.


Accelerate time to production with real-time data insight 

SmartWell systems combine zonal isolation, interval control valves, downhole control systems, permanent reservoir monitoring, distributed temperature sensing, data acquisition, downhole wet-mate connectors, and digital reservoir management. Our comprehensive portfolio eliminates the need for mechanical intervention and gets your reservoir producing faster.

Flow Controls

Halliburton intelligent flow control systems provide a method of integrating manual or automated surface control systems with downhole SmartWell® completion equipment. 

Direct Hydraulics Downhole Control System 

Remotely actuate downhole flow control devices using direct hydraulic control lines from the surface. 

Accu-Pulse™ Incremental Positioning Module 

Enhance reservoir management by incrementally controlling produced or injected fluid rates. 

Digital Hydraulics™ Downhole Control System 

Remotely control and manage even the most complex reservoirs with an all-hydraulic, multi-drop intelligent completion system. 

SmartPlex® Downhole Control System

Accurately manage multiple interval control valves (ICVs) with minimal lines.

HS Interval Control Valve (HS-ICV) 

Optimize reservoir performance in deepwater and high pressure, high temperature environments.

Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors

Halliburton suite of downhole wet-mate connectors are tailored for electric and/or hydraulic continuity for SmartWell® completion systems and DataSphere® permanent monitoring suite, allowing for multi-trip and workover completions.  

Fuzion™ Suite of Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors 

Facilitates removal of the upper completion from the lower completion without using destructive interventional methods while preserving SmartWell® completion system functionality after workovers.

Permanent Monitoring

Halliburton permanent monitoring technologies allow you to obtain accurate wellbore data and make informed decisions to increase hydrocarbon recovery over the life of the well.  

DataSphere® Permanent Monitoring Suite 

Advanced real-time wellbore monitoring with cutting-edge downhole pressure, temperature, flow, and density-sensing technology.

DataSphere® Opsis™ Permanent Downhole Gauges 

Opsis™ permanent downhole gauges provide real-time downhole data for increased productivity throughout the life of the well. 

DataSphere® LinX® Monitoring System 

Wireless through-wellbore technology enables placement of permanent pressure/temperature sensors behind the production casing in the B or C-annulus.

DataSphere® Array System

Deploy discrete sensors across complex reservoir sections for reliable multi-point reservoir monitoring. 

DataSphere® ERD™ and ERD-HT Downhole Gauge Systems

Accurate monitoring with no downhole electronics for diverse and extreme condition production applications.


Building Data Superhighways

Our digital integration, connectivity, and communication across intelligent technologies are advancing completions for a new world. 



Engineered Solutions for Smarter Completions

With Halliburton completion tools, deploying behind-casing monitoring technology in flowing wells without interrupting revenue generation is possible. 


Decoding Your Reservoir

Our industry’s most important secrets lie within its greatest asset: the reservoir. Transform your data into action and crack the code to help you maximize asset value.


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