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Halliburton increases the consistency and performance of well construction operations by integrating subsurface and surface automation, digital twins, and remote operations. LOGIX automation and remote operations powers execution through digital connectivity to design applications, rig control systems, remote operations, and downhole tools. This provides an array of advanced digital applications to enable critical engineering, operations insights, and automated operations.

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Well placement

The well placement closed-loop control system quickly reacts to changing downhole drilling conditions by leveraging sophisticated algorithms and high-frequency downhole data. By autonomously adjusting drilling parameters, the well path, or both, well placement solutions help the wellbore stay within the desired geological targets. Continual updates of the downhole environment deliver repeatable and more accurate outcomes for well positioning.

  • Automated Steering and Control
  • Collision Avoidance Monitoring
  • Lithological Steering and Boundary Mapping

Drilling performance

Our integrated autonomous drilling solutions optimizes our customer’s well construction operations. Halliburton drilling performance solutions provide efficient mitigation of vibration during drilling and maximize the rate of penetration. The solutions also reduce downtime due to unnecessary bit wear by orchestrating drilling and hole cleaning digital twins with design/equipment limits and borehole conditions.

  • Drilling Performance
  • Vibration Mitigation
  • Drilling Automation Orchestration

Wellbore integrity

We leverage real-time sensor data and advanced hydraulic models to predict precise wellbore hydraulics, maintain wellbore integrity, and manage wellbore pressure. The wellbore integrity hydraulics applications help provide better formation pressure control, influx management, and wellbore stability insights that drive optimized ROP, tripping speeds, and well integrity.

  • Hole Cleaning and Tripping Optimization
  • Influx and Wellbore Pressure Management
  • Surface Well Monitoring

Analytics and visualization

Real-time visualization of surface and downhole data provides a comprehensive view of your operations. The advanced algorithms available in our analytics and visualization solutions detect events and provide timely alarms for rig personnel or remote center staff.

  • Well Visualization 
  • Log Visualization 
  • Real Time Engineering and Alert Management 

Surface equipment

Our integrated solutions remotely control Halliburton surface equipment, enhancing efficiency across cementing, wireline services, and drilling activities while integrating with the rig control system. Operators gain real-time insights, streamlined processes, and optimized performance to help ensure seamless and efficient site operations.

  • Halliburton surface equipment automation
  • Surface Flow Control 
  • Rig Integration

Data exchange

Effective real-time communication between the rig and the office is crucial for rig automation and remote operations. Our data exchange solutions integrate multi-well real-time data that is transmitted to the cloud and facilitate digital data exchange with Halliburton experts, customers, and third parties.

  • Rig to office Data Transmission
  • Rigsite Data Integration
  • Design Data Exchange

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LOGIX® Automated Cementing

LOGIX® Automated Cementing

Remote controlled, autonomous offshore cementing for operational efficiency and consistency.

LOGIX® Autonomous Drilling Platform

LOGIX® Autonomous Drilling Platform

Offers a digital transformation of drilling solutions to reduce operational risks and ensure consistent well delivery.

Real-time virtual logging system

Real-time virtual logging system

Real-time virtual logging system for faster, better data-driven decisions.



BaraLogix® Real-Time Service reduces invisible lost time and NPT through advanced hydraulic software, surface measurement automation, and predictive analytics leading to informed decision making.


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