Digital + physical rock analysis

Halliburton offers a broad array of core analysis solutions that leverage digital rock analysis and physical laboratory methods. The combined offerings provide customers with early-time insight from digital rock analysis. This can improve decisions with advancements in formation evaluation and subsurface characterization workflows months ahead of receiving measured data, which is critical to validate and refine subsurface models.

Why digital rocks?

  • Quick turnaround and optimization
  • Near real-time calibration
  • Analyze damaged rock

Digital rock services

  • Dual Energy CT 
  • PorosityHD™ imaging and digital routine core analysis
  • FastSCAL™ digital special core analysis 

When it comes to rock analysis, we provide the best of both worlds

Halliburton's digital rock analysis offers the customer important decision-making data within weeks. Physical laboratory methods back-up this digital data with further core analysis, giving the client the best of both worlds.

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Solve the following top-of-mind problems with integrated rock analysis

Carbon capture and storage

Diminish risk due to CO2 storage leaks with the digital core analysis program that can be completed in weeks.

EOR and sensitivity analysis

De-risk the impact of uncertainties in reservoir properties with digital core analysis results in under 8 weeks.

Tight rock analysis

Reveal thin beds, set landing zones, and avoid frac barriers for better well placement and maximized production.

Digital rock analysis services

Advanced Imaging Laboratory

Advanced Imaging Laboratory

Halliburton utilizes industry-leading core-to-pore imaging techniques for whole/slabbed cores, plugs, sidewall cores, cuttings, rock chips, and thin sections.

FastSCAL® Applications

FastSCAL® Applications

Simulate with Ingrain’s computational fluid dynamics engines: net oil or gas in place, production forecasts, waterflooding, EOR and CCUS scenarios.


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