Versatile, dependable, field-proven 

For over 75 years, Halliburton production packers have provided dependable solutions. Our packers are tested, validated, and manufactured to ISO 14310 and API 11D1 standards, grades V6 through V0 including high-temperature/high-pressure (HP/HT) Annex V3-H.

  • Permanent packers rated up to 20,000 psi at 475°F (246°C)
  • Retrievable packers rated up to 15,000 psi at 400°F (204°C)
  • Openhole packers rated up to 10,000 psi at 325°F
  • Dual packers for stacked or injection wells
  • Thermal packers for steam service

In addition, we provide packers for multilateral wells, horizontal wells, deepwater completions, intelligent completions, and sand control.

Retrievable production packers

Halliburton retrievable production packers are available in mechanical-, hydraulic-, or interventionlessly/hydrostatic-set configuration and can be recovered, mechanically, shear or cut-to -release options, suited for brownfields, conventional, high-pressure, high-temperature (HP/HT), and critical service applications. 

X-Trieve™ HC hydrostatic-set production packers 

Interventionless-set, ideal for HP/HT and highly-deviated wells where conventional completion methodologies are not possible and large-bore retrievable packers are required. 

X-Trieve™ HP production packers 

HP/HT single-string hydrostatic-set retrievable packers suitable for extreme deepwater environments where hydrostatic pressures can reach up to 28,000 psi. 

X-Trieve™ HR (AHR) hydraulic-set production packers 

Retrievable, large bore, hydraulic-set packer with no mandrel movement, suitable for multizone and multi-string completions with control line feed throughs. Features an Electrical submersible pump (ESP) configuration for enhanced recovery.  

Versa-Set® retrievable mechanical-set packers 

Mechanical or wireline set, these double grip re-settable retrievable packers are suited for medium- to high-pressure environments, providing precise setting depth control.  

Versa-Trieve™ VCA/VCH retrievable sealbore packers 

Compact packer design, combines the production features of permanent packers with the added feature of being retrievable, suited for intermediate and high-pressure well applications. 


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