End-to-end low carbon solutions to help reduce risk and maximize commercial viability

Halliburton actively engages with customers at the earliest stages of the planning process for every low carbon project. We leverage our experience and expertise to collaborate and engineer the best solution for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), geothermal energy, hydrogen storage, and other new energy and carbon reduction applications. By combining both traditional and innovative equipment and technology, and collaboration, we help reduce risk, maximize assets, and deliver solutions on your most complex low carbon projects.

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Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

Halliburton collaborates and engineers CCUS lifecycle solutions to optimize carbon storage with advanced engineering and leading technology.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Halliburton delivers a low cost per megawatt in geothermal well construction by driving efficiencies in asset development, from field exploration through field optimization.


Accelerate Carbon Capture Storage Innovations with AI

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the environment is a key requisite for ensuring a healthy and sustainable planet. The initiative has gained rapid momentum, and most major businesses are focused on minimizing their carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. Halliburton's Landmark product service line has developed a data-driven machine learning solution for estimating carbon storage capacity volume.

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Halliburton translates sustainability into economic value

The future of energy is a balanced transition that includes produced and renewable sources. Halliburton low carbon solutions actively collaborates with customers to bring the future of energy to your business, whether that includes carbon capture and storage, geothermal, hydrogen, or emissions management. From the earliest stages of planning to implementation and beyond, we are your trusted resource for low carbon and new energy projects. We help you:

  • Maximize carbon reduction efforts
  • Reduce project risk
  • Optimize existing assets
  • Transition to a sustainable future

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