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Optimize data, build applications, and AI/ML model pipelines to drive decision making and accelerate enterprise innovation.

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Accelerate technology innovation

Realise the value of your innovation faster using end-to-end workflows within a single environment to develop, manage and deploy software.

  • Faster development: Bypass distractions and focus on software development using standardized tools that can take you from proof of concept to a scalable solution fast.
  • Seamless integration: A single environment that provides the flexibility and interprobility to integrate with existing developer workflows and tools.

Embrace efficiency with unified data

Unlock the full potential of data through seamless multi-database search, cross-domain data integration and best-in-class data management to fuel E&P innovation.

  • A single unified view of your data: Connect to multiple databases via open-source search engine for quick, easy access to the most up to date information.
  • Smarter decisions with multi-domain collaboration: Drive process efficiency through multi-domain collaboration and access to data of known quality in real time to help maximize asset value.
  • Extend & scale data quality control AI workflows: Perform rapid and comprehensive QC of large datasets with rules-based QC or advanced AI/ML based models, to ensure data integrity, quality, and trust for consumption in analytics and AI/ML platforms.
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Embrace efficiency with unified data

Transform E&P talent

Empower domain experts to become citizen data scientists and build a more productive and agile organization capable of adapting quickly.

  • Transform dark data into insights: Rapidly develop the talent required to leverage emerging technologies in data science and digital to negate dark data challenges.
  • Quickly adapt to industry dynamics: Nurture an agile, digital-first workforce that can confidently navigate uncertainty and market fluctuations.
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Drive innovation with smarter AI models

Drive innovation with smarter AI models

Accelerate E&P operations with production ready, domain specific AI/ML models, or create, train and manage powerful custom models to solve unique challenges.

  • Increase productivity with advanced automation: Leverage automated model training, inference pipeline and supplement in-house domain models with external training algorithms to accelerate the deployment of customized ML solutions.
  • Reduce uncertainties with explainable AI: Mitigate risks and reduce uncertainties by accessing bias-free, explainable AI/ML models for accurate predictions.

Data Management

Automated DataOps workflows ingest, standardize and integrate quality-controlled data into a single unified source.

  • Data ingestion: Automated workflows and integrated systems enable the rapid ingestion of new data to grow your digital resource.
  • Data standardization: Automatically detect, connect, and unify multiple data sources which can be accessed via a single unified view.
  • Data QA/QC: Automated QC diagnostics and data tracking help maintain data quality and integrity.
  • Data search: Connect to multiple databases via open-source search engine for quick, easy enterprise-wide access to up-to-date information.
  • Data integration: Integrate data from on-premise, and multi-cloud applications. Transition your data to the cloud based on your operational readiness.

AI/ML model development

Leverage quality and trustworthy data to identify optimal algorithms and build and train powerful ML models that can help optimize E&P workflows with ease.

  • Model creation: Build AI/ML models to analyze, make predictions or perform data classifications, to assist decision making, and optimize E&P processes.
  • Model management: Centralized model management that manages full model lifecycle includes model versioning, artifacts, configurations, and deployment.
  • Prebuilt ML workflows: No code E&P ML workflows where users can bring their own datasets to train and deploy these ML models.
  • Model marketplace: Access 100s of pretrained models across diverse E&P domains like drilling, production and subsurface.

Low code application development

Standard configurations and automated code generation, leverage CI/CD pipelines to accelerate software development, and code scan tools ensure security is integrated in every stage of software development.

  • App building: Standardized tools increase agility and enable rapid progress.
  • App management: Flexibility and interprobility to integrate with existing developer workflows and tools.
  • App security: Integrated security at every phase of development.
  • App deployment: Streamlined tooling and integration processes for rapid deployment.


A machine learning risk management framework for sustainable solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) and associated machine learning (ML) algorithms and models are generating new oil and gas insights.

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