Specialized services to meet ongoing demand

Access to a constant sand supply and rusted delivery are critical to ongoing productivity in fracturing. Halliburton is the leading provider of fracture services and the largest buyer of frac sand in the market. We understand the importance and complexity of moving sand and know that efficient sand logistics is key to controlling costs. With an expansive supply and logistics network in every basin across North America, Halliburton sand helps mitigate disruptions and costly downtime, so you can achieve your fracturing goals.  

Reduced exposure and unload time

ExpressSand™ Delivery System

The only system proven to meet the new Osha personnel exposure limits with no dust control required.

Compared to traditional pneumatic trailers which take 45 minutes to an hour to unload, the ExpressSand averages 5- to 8-minutes —eliminating costly un-loading times.

Halliburton Integrated Well Completions

Halliburton Integrated Well Completions

Multi-supplier contracting 

Halliburton has a large and trusted supplier network, including multiple sources in each basin with inventory buffers nearby to avoid unexpected shortages or disruptions in supply. As the industry leader in service quality and execution, we deliver a seamless integration between sand mines, logistics providers, and the wellsite. You gain shorter, more efficient cycle times that result in more reliable supply and delivery.   

Effective rail and road transportation  

Transportation costs account for over 50 percent of the total cost of frac sand. Miners are challenged to deliver sand quickly and efficiently, often to remote locations. As demand increases, the scale of this challenge will only intensify. Halliburton helps take the pressure off. Our sand and logistics services provide a full suite of transportation solutions, including rail cars and track storage, transload storage, and last mile trucking. 

Optimized last mile logistics  

Halliburton incorporates digital technologies to ensure all the components in the logistics process flow smoothly. Tracking devices on each of our sand delivery containers provide a real-time view of your sand supply chain in action. Our integrated software gives you actionable insights to assess risks or bottlenecks, reduce costly truck waiting times, and optimize usage of available railcar capacity. 

Streamlined storage and delivery 

The use of pneumatic or belly-dump trucks for proppant delivery can lead to a bigger wellsite footprint and hours of wait time. Halliburton takes a streamlined approach with sand and logistics services for faster offloading, reduced wellsite traffic congestion, and greater on-location storage. This streamlined proppant management system drives supply chain efficiencies and drastically improves HSE and equipment reliability at the wellsite. 


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