NSF®-certified ESP systems for the modern municipality 

Designed and tested in our state-of-the-art Research and Technology Center, Summit ESP® electric submersible pump systems for municipal water applications directly address key problems common to line-shaft turbine pump systems. The more simple design eliminates the need for expensive and failure-prone components such as check valves and bubbler tubes. 

Reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly

Summit ESP® electric submersible pumping systems for municipal applications minimize surface footprint and noise by moving the pumping system underground. Our active front end (AFE) variable speed drives achieve near power factor unity, protecting neighboring communities from electric interference and harmonics that may impact the electrical system. 

Increased thrust capacity, pumping efficiency, and run time

  • Our simpler design eliminates the need for expensive and failure prone components, including check valves and bubbler tubes
  • Patented Erosion Buster® technology and innovative bearings protect our internal pump components from harmful wear resulting from sandstone, solids, and other abrasives
  • Operating components are downhole, minimizing excessive surface noise issues
  • System design significantly reduces potential oil leaks into the water supply