The next generation of well construction 

Halliburton delivers digitally-optimized construction and automated control of all placement, drilling, cementing, downhole, field, and deepwater functions. Through an open architecture and singular interface, virtual technologies enable operators to manage multiple jobs and adjust well plans in real time—from anywhere.  

Seamless engineering through one interface 

The industry’s first open and integrated well operations software connects the entire value chain – operators, service providers, logistics providers, and rig providers – to deliver safer and more efficient wells. Halliburton lowers costs, reduces risks, and improves well performance. 


Bit redesigns driven by Cerebro® downhole insights  


Remote, automated cementing operation in the North Sea


Halliburton rigs monitored by remote operations center


Drilling operations run by a remote, automated system

Plan, design, execute—digitally

The Digital Well Program® synchronizes activities for a new level of consistency between operator design, Halliburton services, and third-party applications. This digitally-optimized construction process focuses on optimal placement, reduced field development costs, and perfectly executed wells.  

Reduce well design time by 80% 

The Halliburton Digital Well Program transforms well design and planning by integrating the digital design process with engineering models, rapidly generating multiple options, and analyzing optimum solutions—on a singular open platform.  


iStar™ Intelligent Drilling and Logging Platform

The iStar platform from Sperry Drilling is built for today yet designed for tomorrow, delivering enhanced subsurface insight, superior drilling performance, and consistent well delivery. 

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Discover the new platform

Discover the new platform

Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service

Pinpoint costly wellbore leaks and flow around the wellbore and behind pipe in real time.

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Digital Well Program®

A DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application leverages our long-standing open architecture and offers the only fully-integrated well program software. 

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Digital Well Operations

A single workflow unifies the rig site, our Digital Well Program, and Well Site Advisory Services for seamless engineering and drilling performance. 

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Drilling & Completion Fluids

Drilling & Completion Fluids



Well Cementing

Well Cementing

Well Construction Hardware

Well Construction Hardware


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