Embedding sustainability in all we do

We’re constantly looking for ways to make our world better by working and innovating to reduce our environmental impact as well as that of our customers. As a business that supports the supply of sustainable, affordable and safe energy for all, we aim to protect our employees in every facet of their work. We strive to provide a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace, and to make sure that we and our suppliers operate ethically.


2023 Annual & Sustainability Report (ASR) Highlights

The 2023 Annual & Sustainability Report highlights our execution on our strategic priorities and how we will accelerate into the multi-year energy upcycle.

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2023 Annual & Sustainability Report

Learn how Halliburton is executing on our value proposition and our commitment to sustainability.

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2023 ASR Limited Assurance Report

Statements on Sustainability Metrics. KPMG has provided limited assurance on certain metrics for 2023.

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Overall Percentage of Localized Workforce


Recordable Environmental Incident Rate/200k hrs worked


Charitable Giving


Training Hours Per Learner

Our material sustainability topics

Halliburton defines sustainability materiality based on structured dialogue with our stakeholders, consideration of the topics they find important, and in concert with our existing commitments. We review our materiality assessment annually and it is approved by senior management before it is used to define our sustainability priorities. Our 2023 matrix remains unchanged from 2022, and continues to serve as a foundation for our sustainability strategy.

  • Financial and Economic Performance
  • Board Experience and Diversity
  • Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, and Transparency
  • Energy Mix
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Cybersecurity
  • Talent Attraction, Development, and Retention
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Chemicals Management
  • Supply Chain Human Rights
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Local Environmental Impact and Risk Management
  • Water Stewardship
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Our material sustainability topics

Our Sustainability Commitments support our strategy when it comes to climate change, human rights, occupational safety, and more

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2023 was a great year for Halliburton and its shareholders. The power of Halliburton’s strategy delivered some of the best business performance we have seen in a decade. By delivering on our value proposition: to collaborate and engineer solutions to maximize asset value for our customers, we deepened our relationships with customers, improved profitability, and delivered on our strategy.

- Jeff Miller, Chairman, President & CEO

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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Built on our values, the Halliburton Guiding Principles for Sustainability provide the framework for our operations and our future. To ensure that these principles guide every aspect of our decisions, plans and actions, we have matched each with a clearly defined intent.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We know that good corporate governance advances trust among our shareholders, customers, and employees. It builds transparency in our Company, and shapes how we conduct business in an ethical manner. Under our Board of Directors’ leadership, we have established governance structures, policies, and practices that foster accountability, reduce risk, and push us to achieve the highest standards.

Climate Change

Climate Change

The challenges of the energy transition allow Halliburton to continue to do what we do best: innovate, collaborate and execute to drive efficiencies and affect change, including lowering the emissions profile of our technologies and our internal activities. We have inspiring work underway to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, and advance clean energy development because we are committed to a sustainable energy future.



At Halliburton, we are committed to managing risks associated with climate change and to mitigating environmental impacts from our operations. Our vision is to deliver long-term financial value by developing innovative solutions to help our customers achieve a low-carbon-energy future, and by minimizing environmental impact in the communities where we operate.



We are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment for our diverse global workforce, with best-in-class training and career development opportunities to enable employees to thrive and achieve their career goals. Halliburton is also committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities, which are at the heart of our Guiding Principles of HSE and Global Citizenship.



Good corporate governance builds trust with our shareholders, customers, and employees.



Globally, oil and gas continue to be critical sources of energy. The pursuit of a lower carbon future must account for their place in the global energy mix.



Our goal is to provide an inclusive, safe, and fulfilling workplace — because our people are the heart of everything we do at Halliburton.