Real-world testing for enhanced performance 

The award-winning Halliburton Advanced Perforating Flow Lab (APFL) at the Jet Research Center® (JRC) Perforating Center of Excellence helps operators understand and optimize perforating system performance in diverse downhole conditions. It provides real-world answers that account for overburden stress, reservoir pore pressure, wellbore pressure, and reservoir and wellbore response. The APFL also identifies the optimum solution to connect the wellbore and reservoir. 

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Velocity™ Modular Gun System

Velocity™ Modular Gun System

Velocity perforating gun system’s modular design provides safe, efficient, and reliable operations.

MaxForce®-FRAC Perforating Charges

MaxForce®-FRAC Perforating Charges

Perforate with the original consistent hole size charge designed for fracturing.

ExpressKinect™ System

ExpressKinect™ System

Reducing rig-up time and complexity, resulting in a more efficient, safer fracture operations.


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RELAY™  Digital Slickline improves intervention efficiency

RELAY™ Digital Slickline improves intervention efficiency

With the RELAY digital slickline system, you can improve well intervention efficiency, reduce uncertainty, and minimize environmental impact.



Halliburton’s engineered approach to perforation modeling improves the understanding of what's going on downhole, from perforation performance to tubing movement, shock loading, and wellbore pressure response during well intervention. Dynamic modeling is a powerful design tool that creates comprehensive, fit-for-purpose perforating strategies for downhole environments, well designs, and completion objectives.  

SS3D™ ShockSim Modeling Software 

Developed to simulate the 3D transient shock response of the bottomhole assembly and wellbore to conduct unique and complex failure analyses. 


Jet Research Center’s Explosive Products Center is a fully integrated research, engineering, testing, and manufacturing plant. Engineers, designers, and technicians follow the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Recommended Practice for the Evaluation of Well Perforators (RP19B) standards to produce advanced perforating systems and specialty explosive devices for the oilfield.

JRC Testing Services 

Located at the JRC Explosive Products Center, the APFL offers standard API RP19B and expanded testing capabilities to satisfy client testing needs. 

Gun Systems

JRC offers a comprehensive array of perforating guns to deliver its industry-leading charges safely and on depth for optimal penetration and performance, including modular guns, capsule (strip) guns, ported guns, and scalloped hollow steel carriers. Both wireline and tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) systems are available for conventional, through-tubing, and hostile perforating applications.

Velocity™ Perforating System 

With open architecture, modular design, and plug-and-play detonators, Velocity gives you the freedom to use different charges and switches.  

G-Force® Oriented Gun System  

Allows perforating in any direction using an internal orienting charge tube assembly and gun carrier.

MaxForce® Flow Ultra-Kleen System 

The increased flow area of 6 3/4-in. 18-SPF leads to fewer screen washouts and less potential for sand production.

Shaped Charges

JRC designs and manufactures a wide range of shaped charges for oil and gas well perforating, including deep penetrating, fracturing, and big hole solutions. 

Configuration flexibility: Charges are available in a variety of sizes and explosive powder combinations to accommodate various wellbore configurations and temperature ranges, including RDX, HMX, and HNS explosive powder. 

Vigorous testing: All charges undergo extensive performance and quality testing to ensure consistent, high performance shots every time. 

Engineered for your rock: Our products are engineered to ensure hole size consistency, maximize formation penetration, and increase flow efficiency to optimize your completion.  

MaxForce®-FRAC Shaped Charge: The industry's first shaped charge designed specifically for unconventional wellbores. 

Firing Systems

Dependable initiation of a tubing-conveyed assembly is critical for successful operation. The Halliburton suite of firing heads provides the flexibility to match virtually any system and the reliability to perform under virtually any circumstance, providing value and peace of mind. 

MaxFire® Electronic Firing Head 

Flexible and reliable triggering options designed for challenging and complex wells. 

Conveyance solutions

Halliburton perforating solutions are conveyance independent, meaning we can transport perforating systems to depth in diverse downhole environments via jointed pipe, wireline, slickline, RELAY Digital Slickline or coiled tubing depending on need. Conveyance flexibility simplifies operations, leading to optimized solutions that keep logistic requirements at a minimum and create a smaller footprint. 

Perforating Conveyance Services

Conventional Wireline / Slickline and pump down solutions to maximize reliability and wellsite efficiency 

ExpressKinect™ Quick Latch

Features a remotely operated hydraulic connection that prevents the need for personnel to work at height and improves stage transition times.


A powerful electric-drive, flatbed trailer-mounted system you can control from a technical command center or a portable remote-control console. 

RELAY Digital Slickline

The RELAY Digital Slickline system is the new intelligent conveyance for well intervention operations from Halliburton. This advanced technology combines the versatility and efficiency of traditional slickline with the real-time data streaming capability of electric line. 

Command MaxFire® SL system 

Enables the safe activation of the most robust and reliable electronic trigger on command via the RELAY digital slickline platform for ultimate efficiency.  

Tubing Conveyed Perforating

Halliburton tubing-conveyed perforating technologies deliver engineered solutions that lead the industry. They provide a total completion solution, enabling the perforation of long intervals using large pressure differentials, and allowing vertical and horizontal intervention using a wide range of perforating technologies. 

Coiled Tubing Deployed Perforating

Flexible perforating solutions for well intervention operations in vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells. 

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