Selective stimulation for maximum production 

Halliburton RapidStage® multistage frac sleeve systems enable accurate placement of stimulation treatments without intervention to help you improve completion efficiency. Combined with our fracturing fluids and services, our frac/toe sleeves save you time and money in unconventional and horizontal well completions.

Explore Halliburton Frac/Toe Sleeves Systems

Frac/Toe Sleeve Systems

RapidStage® Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems

Optimize multistage completions by accurately placing stimulation treatments without intervention

RapidStart® Initiator CT (Casing Test) Sleeve 

Validate casing integrity and establish a flow path at the toe of the wellbore without intervention. 

RapidShift® Sleeve System 

Bring selective multi-zone stimulation treatment through the production string. 

RapidStage® Multistage Fracturing Completion Systems

Multi-stage frac solution that stimulates over 50 stages and requires no wellbore intervention, reducing cost and risk.

RapidStage® Multistage Fracturing Completion Systems

Effective zonal isolation between sleeves

Halliburton offers a variety of zonal isolation options, including our leading Swellpacker® systems for completions and well construction and our ZoneGuard® system for zonal isolation in formation control, selective stimulation, and fracturing applications.