Consistent, efficient plug and perf. Every well, every crew, every time.

The Auto Pumpdown service controls fluid pumps and a wireline unit as a single, fully automated, closed-loop system to maximize Halliburton’s plug and perforating performance and efficiency. The system executes operations to plan and optimizes equipment operation for improved consistency.

Auto Pumpdown enhances operations by automating tasks previously prone to human inconsistencies. The service reduces risk by providing prompt feedback to dynamic downhole conditions, which helps prevent unplanned and costly interventions. These improved consistencies create more efficient operations and reduce required fluids for tool conveyance.

Optimize wireline pump down speed and fluid use

Auto Pumpdown responds to each wellbore trajectory and unique well characteristics to perform a more efficient operation with minimal fluid. Using the wellbore survey, tally, and a real-time digital twin, the service continuously calculates a forward-looking model of the wellbore to anticipate speed and rate changes as the tool string is conveyed.

Auto Pumpdown uses downhole sensors to proactively respond to variable wellbore conditions
Auto Pumpdown uses downhole sensors to proactively respond to variable wellbore conditions.


  • Provides closed-loop control of both wireline winch and pumpdown units
  • Uses downhole sensors to obtain real-time data at the tool string
  • Integrated fail safes and bumpless transfer to and from auto mode
  • Digital twin provides real-time forward conveyance mode


  • Quicker winch and pump response to unforeseen downhole condition
  • Consistent, efficient operations, run-over-run
  • Reduced pumpdown fluid use
  • Reduced unplanned well interventions such as fishing jobs
  • Decreased wireline perforating run times


Cost per year from wellbore-caused wireline NPT


Pumpdown water wasted per year from inefficiency


Coiled tubing jobs avoided by running Auto Pumpdown

Intelligent completions need intelligent systems

During a typical completion, operational inconsistencies can arise from variable downhole conditions, surface equipment, and even personnel competency. By reducing the impact of human variance, automation enables higher job efficiency, reliability, and increased pumping hours. Combined with the eWinch perforating unit, Auto Pumpdown sets the standard in fluid, emissions, and fuel reduction for  plug and perf operations.

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