Decrease rig time with specialized well cleaners

BaraKlean cleaners speed up the transition from drilling to completion operations. They are effective in a range of completion brines. We engineer our casing cleaners, viscosifiers, and brines to be used in water and oil-based mud displacements so you can emulsify residual oil, remove polar solids, and leave surfaces water-wet.

Several BaraKlean cleaners have achieved the highest possible ratings, gold and yellow, respectively, from UK offshore and Norwegian offshore regulatory organizations.


BaraKlean®-926 casing cleaner delivers effective results

An operator was preparing to complete extended-reach drilling (ERD) wells located offshore United Arab Emirates (UAE). The extended lateral reservoir sections – some reaching up to 18,000 feet (5486 meters) – were drilled with an INNOVERT® non-aqueous fluid (NAF) drill-in system. The operator wanted to improve wellbore cleanout efficiency and optimize displacement to sodium bromide (NaBr) completion brine.


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Wellbore cleaning with BaraKlean® cleaners

Wellbore cleaning with BaraKlean® cleaners

Advanced wellbore cleaning with BaraKlean® well cleaners.


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