Control, measure, and analyze surface well testing through automated workflows

The FloConnect surface automation platform from Halliburton transcends traditional surface well testing (SWT) operational methods, addressing complex challenges in multiple applications through highly scalable and configurable solutions. 

The platform improves efficiencies provided by the automation of manual workflows for SWT operations, optimizes workforce deployment, and reduces environmental impact.

FloConnect® Surface Automation Platform
FloConnect® Surface Automation Platform

Enhanced flow control accuracy, safety, and reliability via intelligent control and monitoring

The innovative FloConnect Choke Manifold enables an operator to control and monitor wellhead parameters, as well as the health of the choke manifold, from a command center or via a secondary remote location.

Remove uncertainty and inefficiencies from the chemical injection process

The FloConnect Chemical Injection process is controlled and monitored from a command center or a ruggedized tablet, allowing proper management of chemicals, improving process performance, preventing downtime, and minimizing chemical waste.

FloConnect surface automation platform enables safe test operations

Automated well testing operations for multiple zones in high-pressure, ultra-high H2S reservoirs removed personnel from the red zone.

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Oil burn control and monitoring while quantifying and reporting carbon emissions output

The award-winning Environmentally Distinctive Burner (EDB) is a fully automated system for monitoring well conditions at the burner head in real-time. Intelligent controls are displayed via a portable remote-control touch screen interface for human intervention to verify expected and address unexpected conditions—without compromising burner performance, efficiency, or well test data collection.

Bringing focus to well testing operations through assisted and augmented reality

The RigConnect collaboration platform takes full advantage of recent breakthroughs in assisted and augmented reality (AR) to enhance situation-specific awareness by providing contextual information alongside real-world visualization to optimize the well test operations.

Control, measure, and analyze through automated workflows

Control, measure, and analyze through automated workflows

Industry-first fully automated and scalable solution for surface well testing operations

The FloConnect surface automation platform delivers highly scalable and configurable solutions to address complex challenges in extreme downhole conditions while minimizing the environmental impact of SWT operations and reducing personnel in the red zone.

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