Economic, compact, and versatile system for orienting perforations in horizontal wells

In an unconventional completion, it is important to utilize as many of the open perforations as possible to optimize fluid and proppant placement in a formation. Data suggests that orienting all perforations along the same azimuth in the casing helps to ensure that perforations are as uniform as possible, making the treatment more effective. For high-volume, high-efficiency applications, such as orienting perforations in non-fiber-optic wells, the Halliburton Velocity Aligned gun system provides an economic option for orienting perforations in 2.5° increments around the casing circumference. This accurate and efficient system is fully adjustable at the wellsite.



No orienting subs or lock-rings


Compatible with all industry standard charges


Reduction in make-up length


Adjustable in 2.5° increments


  • Adjustable at the wellsite in 2.5° increments
  • Plug-and-play, and fully disposable platform
  • Minimal external orienting hardware required
  • Shorter length than competing systems
  • Broadest portfolio of charges in a fully modular oriented system


  • Requires minimal time to orient 
  • Reduced variability on gun-to-gun orientation 
  • Economic platform compared to other orienting options 
  • Reduced HSE exposure relative to competing systems
  • Delivered loaded and ready to be run in hole
Velocity Aligned perforating gun
Velocity Aligned perforating gun.
Velocity Aligned Competing Systems Benefits of Velocity Aligned Systems
Charge tube aligned, instead of gun carrier Reliance on external lock rings and subs
  • More reliable orientation and shorter BHA than traditional methods
  • Less equipment and fewer touchpoints for personnel
Modular platform Requires loading, assembly, and/or wiring on location
  • More efficient surface operations
  • Elimination of human-caused failures
  • Fully disposable system
  • Eliminates the need to clean and redress equipment
Optimized length and weight Needs longer guns and additional hardware
  • Ability to run more guns without the need for additional surface equipment
  • More easily conveyed down hole
  • Reduced HSE exposure
Multiple perforation charge specifications Often limited to a single perforation charge specification
  • Completion design flexibility
  • More limited entry options

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