Achieving strong performance with MaxForce®-Frac and FracJET ranges of perforating charges

The Halliburton portfolio of frac optimized shaped charges delivers superior consistent holes by providing reduced variance from shot to shot, regardless of fluid clearance and decentralization. Fracture initiation is dominated in the near-wellbore region by localized stress fields. Achieving consistent holes on both the upper and lower sides of the well ensures that the initial reservoir breakdown has the greatest chance of creating the most efficient, evenly distributed fractures. 



  • Unparalleled experience backed by the industry-leading testing and research team at the Jet Research Center’s (JRC’s) Perforating Center of Excellence 
  • Qualification testing to the most rigorous standard in the industry
  • Field-confirmed results, using downhole camera studies of actual onshore hydraulic fracturing wells in the U.S. 



  • Improved fluid and proppant distribution 
  • Increased likelihood of efficient fracture initiation 
  • Reduced near-wellbore tortuosity 
  • More effective diversion during stimulation 
  • Greater stimulated reservoir volume


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