Locate the free point in stuck pipe easier and faster 

In every phase of well operations, pipe recovery is a common and potentially expensive process. Halliburton offers a range of highly effective solutions to address most pipe recovery conditions. Halliburton deploys specialized tools, deep experience, and an unsurpassed knowledge base to solve any well challenges and get operations back on track.  

Powered Mechanical Cutters

ClearCut™ Cutting Solutions

ClearCut™ Cutting Solutions

ClearCut powered mechanical cutting tools perform precise, machine-shop quality, radial pipe cuts, regardless of depth and pipe compression.


Free-Point Determination

With fast, single-trip operation, provides precise free point location without the need for multiple time-consuming stop and set measurements 

Explosive Pipe Cutting

Shape charges are designed to give a 360˚ cut using a jet formed from the shape charge. Jet cutters have short-assembly length for limited rig height.

Rotating blade Cutter

ClearCutTM Powered Mechanical Cutters

Halliburton mechanical cutters are accurate, safe efficient, and effective for all your pipe cutting needs across the well life cycle. 

Chemical Pipe Cutting

Halliburton field specialists use solutions made up of bromine trifluoride, cutting the pipe cleanly without flaring at the cut point.


Halliburton introduces new downhole cutting technology

Halliburton announces a new portfolio of electro-mechanical downhole cutting tools and tubing punches from Westerton (UK) Ltd.


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