Improved safety and surface efficiency on well completions 

Operations at the wellsite have become increasingly complex with high treatment rates, multiple wells on a pad, and large amounts of equipment on location. The ExpressKinect™ system reduces rig-up time and complexity, while streamlining technology, resulting in a more efficient, safer fracture operations.

ExpressKinect™ Manifold
ExpressKinect™ Manifold
ExpressKinect™ Wellhead Connection Unit
ExpressKinect™ Wellhead Connection Unit
ExpressKinect™ Quick Latch
ExpressKinect™ Quick Latch

ExpressKinect™ System

Streamlined fracture technology efficiency

With the increased complexity in multi-well fracturing cycle times and NPT have increased. The ExpressKinect™ system streamlined technology for maximum efficiency across fracture operations.

  • ExpressKinect™ Manifold
  • ExpressKinect™ Quick Latch
  • ExpressKinect™ Wellhead Connection Unit

Integrated Well Completions

Delivering better wells, faster and more efficiently

For nearly a century, Halliburton has developed innovative answers to the industry’s most difficult fracturing challenges. Our latest innovation combines field-proven technologies from multiple product lines into a single, streamlined offering that improves efficiency, HSE, and reliability.


Halliburton integrated well completions

Streamlining fracture technology for greater efficiency.

Halliburton integrated well completions

Manifold pressure rating


Manifold BPM capability


Of high-pressure iron eliminated

5 Min.

To perform wellhead exchanges

A safer and more efficient manifold

The ExpressKinect™ manifold employs new, streamlined technology that reduces the number of lifts and connections required to connect each pump to the manifold trailer. ExpressKinect™ technology also greatly decreases the safety risk exposure of employees by reducing the number of required lifts and providing lift assistance, resulting in a 77 percent reduction to only 70 pounds per pump. 

Simultaneous wireline operations

After stage perforating is complete on one well, the ExpressKinect™ Quick Latch is used to remove the used gun from the well and disconnect from the wellhead, all without a person entering the Red Zone® area—an area designated as unsafe to work during pumping operations. A new gun is then prepped and readied for operations on the next well. All of these wireline operations are now happening simultaneously with the fracturing operations, increasing overall treatment efficiencies and drastically decreasing nonproductive time on location. 

Single-line rig-up for reduced complexity

The ExpressKinect™ wellhead connection unit (WCU) eliminates the need for zipper manifolds on multi-well pads by providing a single-line rig-up capable of reaching multiple wells, with the capability of handling 100 bpm at 15,000 psi. Wellhead exchanges are executed in less than 5 minutes, thus greatly reducing rig-up complexity and surface iron requirements, and improving cycle times between pads to drive efficiency.


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