Calibrate flowback and get maximum recovery 

CALIBR® flowback service improves short and long-term well performance, reduces damage to the completion and formation, and increases production.  


Improving well performance through flowback optimization

With the execution of the CALIBR flowback service, Halliburton can deliver a better well with a higher productivity index.  


Maximum recovery with CALIBR flowback service

Analyze wellbore data in real-time and make better flowback decisions with guidance from our team of specialized reservoir engineers.

Maximum recovery with CALIBR flowback service

Manage flowback operations 

Flowback programs on multi-stage horizontal wells in unconventional reservoirs are often completed without a clear understanding of how the flowback could affect the long-term performance of the well. Aggressive flowback strategies have been shown to damage fracture conductivity and reduce well performance. With CALIBR service you can manage flowback operations and improve well productivity following these three steps: 

Measure – We use our SPIDR® gauge to acquire high-resolution, high-frequency data. With SPIDR, we not only provide bottomhole pressures, but also identify and mitigate possible damage arising from common flowback operational practices. Additionally, our industry best flowback equipment and team of experts, which includes field personnel and reservoir engineers, provide you with a comprehensive flowback solution. 

Analyze – An analysis of well performance guides continuous choke management to avoid completion damage. Real-time management is essential to maintaining the effectiveness of the completion and maximizing the long term well performance. Halliburton tailors each job based on completion design, field knowledge, productivity, and prior services performed. 

Optimize – The CALIBR flowback service is an iterative process that optimizes well results by continuously measuring, analyzing, and adjusting the flowback in order to improve completion effectiveness and increase well productivity. By implementing the CALIBR service, Halliburton can work with you to maximize the economic value of your wells and improve your cost per BOE.

Surface well testing 

Surface well testing (SWT) is the only reliable way to measure a reservoir's true potential. At Halliburton, we continue to lead the industry with proven, comprehensive, and customized solutions for SWT. We offer complete, accurate, and reliable data so clients can make critical decisions regarding testing, production methods, secondary-recovery programs, and developmental drilling.  Our services include planning, specialized equipment, monitoring, and measurement of all factors related to the production of oil, gas, and water at a well site.  

Halliburton well testing services include:

  • Surface well testing
  • Trailer testing packages
  • Frac flowback test
  • Express package systems
  • Environmentally distinctive burner 

Every component of our surface well testing systems is engineered to protect personnel, the environment, and the accuracy of your data.

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