Promote E&P investments

An out of the box cloud solution that provides a secure digital ecosystem to preserve national data and promote E&P investments in country through true digital transformation.

This cloud agnostic solution provides an evergreen digital ecosystem that can preserve and enrich your data assets for a fraction of the cost of physical implementations and dramatically reduce time to deployment so you can continue to retain existing investors as well as attract new ones to further develop business relationships and increase market growth.

National Digital Resource

National Digital Resource

DecisionSpace® 365

National Digital Resource

The DecisionSpace 365 National Digital Resource cloud solution includes Data Foundation, featuring automated loading, quality assurance and a user-friendly consumption portal. Additional value-added services are also available on request which include iEnergy® Stack, data migration services, virtual data rooms and bespoke configurations.

Drive investment

Transform your digital resources to build business relationships and drive E&P investments.

  • Enhanced accessibility: Provide investors with open yet secure access to your digital resources so they can search and consume with ease via API’s and ecosystem of applications
  • Superior user experience: Let your data speak for itself with interactive dashboards that support and encourage investors
  • Stronger business relations: Establish strong business relationships that serve your needs and your investors

Keep it simple

Deploy your digital resource in weeks rather than months for efficient and cost-effective access.

  • Efficient deployment: Set infrastructure and OSDUTM as a Service means that what used to take 8 months, can now be deployed in weeks
  • Rapid data ingestion: Automated workflows and integrated systems enable the rapid ingestion of new data to grow your digital resource
  • Reduced costs: By leveraging cloud, there are no up-front fees for costly infrastructure reducing costs by up to 50 percent

Protect and preserve

Enrich your data to develop an evergreen digital ecosystem to identify sustainable, long term development and production opportunities.

  • Secure assets: Data is hosted in a secure cloud environment where it can be preserved, enriched, and accessed for future use
  • Known data lineage: Automated QC diagnostics and data tracking help maintain data quality and integrity
  • Predictable results: Standardized QC measures help yield more predictable results which support superior decision making

Reduction in your deployment time


Reduction in infrastructure costs

Features & value-added services

Data Foundation

Data Foundation

Data Foundation is an innovative cloud-native software that digitally ingests and efficiently loads quality-controlled E&P data.

Explore software software

DecisionSpace® 365 Information Management from Halliburton takes large amounts of information, organizes it and turns it into actionable data.

Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Room

A secure virtual workspace to promote and evaluate E&P acquisition and divestment opportunities for fast, cost-effective and informed decision making.



OSDU™ provides greater control over your data with the tools to create intelligent workflows that enhance efficiencies and data-driven insights.


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