At Halliburton Consulting, we are challenge-driven. That’s why we start with the problem and combine data, technology, and insights developed through deep domain experience to develop the best possible solutions.

Digital to value

We assess and prioritize assets using value engineering and continuous improvement to recommend the optimal digitally-enabled solutions.

Best-in-class operational insights

Performance improvements are designed and implemented into your reservoir, drilling, and production programs.

Drive implementable solutions

Our work delivers and drives asset enhancement strategies, exploration insights, field development plans, and optimized production workflows. 

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Subsurface Intelligence

Subsurface Intelligence

Screen basins, appraise plays, generate prospects, identify and prioritize well targets, and evaluate drilling results for advantaged hydrocarbons.

Agile Field Development

Agile Field Development

Formulate and accelerate field development plans, enable superior returns, and drive capital efficiency.

Reservoir and production consulting

Reservoir and production consulting

Diagnose production challenges, design solutions, implement initiatives that enhance uptime and efficiency, and launch digital oilfield programs.

Low Carbon Solutions

Low Carbon Solutions

Halliburton’s Low Carbon Solutions and low carbon technologies are enabling a balanced energy transition for a sustainable future.


Industry-leading technology platforms drive client success

Halliburton has thousands of technical professionals around the world with experience in exploration, field development, production optimization, and sustainable energy. We deeply understand the competencies required to find and produce oil and gas.

We are driving industry-leading, customer-interactive technology platforms that:

  • Uphold domain expertise with value realization through insight-based workflows and 100 years of experience
  • Engineer solutions through collaborative design thinking and agile methodology
  • Deploy digitalized processes from inception through completion
  • Deliver integration, collaboration, modeling and analytics, execution, and value realization


  • Higher asset returns with lower cost per barrel of oil equivalent (BOE)
  • Access to digital solutions powered by artificial intelligence
  • Ready access to the latest in field execution technology
  • Integrated field execution from design to deployment


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