Industry's most accurate, compact, and versatile system for precision oriented perforating

The Halliburton Velocity Revolve self-oriented gun system gives operators the ability to confidently orient perforations within 5° of the desired perforating azimuth, which is more precise than the leading competitive system on the market. The ability to align the perforating charge tube by using internally oriented components eliminates the need for externally oriented hardware, such as eccentered weight bars, which can also increase complexity and unreliability. 

Velocity Revolve oriented perforating guns.
Velocity Revolve oriented perforating guns.


  • Orients charges within 5° of the desired angle
  • Orientation unaffected by wellbore conditions
  • Modular, disposable platform 
  • Shorter length than competing systems
  • Broader portfolio of charge options than traditional gun systems


  • Provides the most accurate and efficient internally oriented system in the industry
  • Offers the lowest total perforating cost for fiber-optic completions 
  • Eliminates the tasks of redressing and cleaning equipment 
  • Reduces the amount of equipment and personnel required to be on location

Shorter than competing gun systems


Portfolio of charge options


Adjustable in 10° increments

Velocity Revolve Competing Systems Benefits of Velocity Revolve Systems
Internally oriented mechanism Reliance on eccentered weight bars and subs
  • More reliable orientation and shorter BHA than traditional methods
  • Unaffected by wellbore conditions
Modular platform Loading, assembly, and/ or wiring required on location 
  • More efficient surface operations
  • Elimination of human-caused failures
  • Fully disposable system
  • Eliminates the need to clean and redress equipment
Accurate within 5° of desired angle Accuracy known to be more than 60° off in some cases
  • Provides confidence in fiber-optic avoidance
  • Eliminates downhole variables in the completion design
Shortest BHA in the industry Requires longer guns and additional hardware
  • Ability to run more guns without the need for additional surface equipment
  • More easily conveyed down hole
Multiple perforation charge specifications  Often limited to a single perforation charge specification
  • Completion design flexibility
  • More limited entry options

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