Inner view of a pipeline.

Deposit Profiling

Is your pipeline ready for increased production or inspection? 

An InnerVue™ survey will map the restrictions and depositis giving you confidence in the actual condition of your line to plan for maintenance and reliable in-line inspection.

Pig Tracking

Do you know where your pig is in the pipeline at all times?

Live pig tracking, using pressure wave analysis, can inform you about the exact location and behaviour of your pig while traveling through the line.

Blockage Detection

What is your first step to address an unplanned blockage?

Every second counts when production stops. Stuck pigs, wax or sand plugs and hydrates can happen. Knowing exactly where the blockage is enables fast recovery.


Inner view of a pipeline.

Leak Detection

How prepared are you to react in the event of a hydrocarbon leak ?

Reaction time is the primary factor in limiting environmental impact. The ability to know the location and quantify the leak severity assures accurate, rapid-response decision making and remedial actions.

InnerVue™ quick facts:

  • Only 1 technician required
  • 10K PSI rating
  • Airfreight -friendly 14kg equipment case
  • Over 25,000 km of pipelines surveyed worldwide
  • Used regularly by over 50 individual global customers 
  • Approved by all of the major IOC and NOCs

InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics

InnerVue™ diagnostic service is a fast, accurate, non-intrusive, low-risk technique to detect flow inefficiency or blockage.

InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics

Case study of a successful pig recovery operation

A pipeline maintenance.


  • 18” 120km Pipeline Precommissioning
  • ‘Lost’ Pig during Dewatering Operations
  • Critical need to locate lost pig and decide recovery plan
  • Deepwater ROV Search impractical


  • Locate the lost pig using InnerVue™ Blockage Location
  • Run a recovery pig to create seal behind the stuck pig
  • Use InnerVue™ to track pig location throughout recovery
  • Perform full baseline survey once pig recovered


  • Successful tagging of stuck pig location at 16.5km from platform
  • Clear indication of stuck pig movement once recovery pig had reached the location
  • Live-tracking of pig travel for the entire recovery operation  
  • Operator resumed precommissioning operations


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