Unlocking more than 70 years of expertise to solve your geothermal pumping system challenges

Our global geothermal team swiftly responds to your needs, offering tailored, energy-efficient solutions. Our deep knowledge ensures custom electric submersible pump systems that fit your specific requirements, while our engineers and specialists provide a global perspective.

GEOESP redefines ESP technology

Top-tier technology for geothermal pumping systems

Our GeoESP pumping system technology is where innovation meets resilience in geothermal energy production. The heat-resistant materials can operate in extreme temperatures, handling scaling, corrosion, and abrasion while effortlessly adapting to your geothermal well’s unique conditions.


Efficient, high-performance geothermal energy solutions

Our GeoESP system optimizes pumping operations, minimizing input power costs. The innovative intake protects against solids and scale, reducing pressure drops and enhancing power savings. Additionally, our data-driven tools—Intelevate™ digital platform and GeoController® surface package—boost efficiency and enable proactive well maintenance.

Flexibility, modularity, and safety for optimal geothermal well production

Standardized dimensions allow rapid ESP customization, while flanged, modular interfaces simplify centralizer addition. High-pressure pump housings prioritize safety, surpassing traditional bolted bowl configurations. Our versatile design thrives in diverse well conditions, minimizing backup inventory needs and adapting seamlessly to varying geothermal environments.

Geothermal plant


Rapid response GeoESP® solution saves geothermal operator +€1.5MM

Six months downtime saved; wells now being monitored 24/7/365.


CAse Study

Single GeoESP® offers wider operating range and energy savings

The GeoESP application was redesigned with a wider operating range and covered both wells at half the cost to the customer.

Service Center in Emmen, Nethrlands
Our service center in Emmen, Netherlands demonstrate our unwavering global commitment to geothermal energy initiatives.

Where excellence meets agile innovation

Halliburton ESP geothermal manufacturing and R&D centers of excellence in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, and Emmen, Netherlands, excel in innovation. We prioritize quality assurance, reliability, and critical build capabilities for geothermal pumping systems. The high-volume, high-power testing facilities help ensure top-notch geothermal well performance. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers in the R&D lab is dedicated to developing efficient and reliable geothermal energy technology.



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