Real-time optimization of drilling operations

Halliburton’s Integrated Virtual Remote Operations (iVRO) offers a comprehensive, real-time monitoring, modeling, and drilling performance analysis that can contribute to up to 40% in organizational and operational cost reductions.

iVRO is a cloud-based environment with a library of thousands of archived wells, allowing users to compare current key metrics across multiple wells, platforms, and/or well pads.

The service enables:

  • Integrated offset well analysis and collaborative well planning and design
  • Performance improvement capability based on continuous geomechanical updates relating to fluid type, mud weight, and bit selection to increase ROP
  • Clear and actionable post well/section analysis based on KPI metrics and captured lessons-learned

The Right Information at the Right Time

Halliburton ensures that the right people get the right information at the right time in the right place and in the right format to make the best decisions possible.

For instance, when drilling, Halliburton can create a high-resolution image of the area around the bit and update earth models in real-time to help you stay in the sweet spot.

Customization for Your Needs

Halliburton tailors your real-time experience to meet your exact needs and budget. Halliburton offers far more than simple remote connectivity. Customers can choose from flexible configurations according to program complexity and budget. iVRO platforms include:

  • Comprehensive and fully integrated collaboration personnel, data management, and scalable applications
  • Multi-well performance analysis
  • Combined real-time and archived datasets for comparative analysis
  • Automatic real-time computation of key metrics provided every 12 hours or as necessary 
  • Real-time well-control monitoring for regulatory compliance requirements

Tight Integration with Other Halliburton Services

Compared to other companies that offer simple connectivity, Halliburton offers a wealth of oilfield experience with our real-time technology.

  • In deep water, that expertise can help prevent simple problems from turning into very costly problems
  • In high pressure and high temperature situations, Halliburton can help you stay safely in control
  • In unconventionals, Halliburton can drive down supervisory costs for factory-drilling operations 

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