An integrated approach for wellbore cleanup and displacement 

Did you know that up to 30% of non-productive time (NPT) during the well completion phase is directly related to debris left in the wellbore after drilling? Wellbore debris presents a major risk to the well and completion operations, and managing debris is a critical stage of well construction. 

Halliburton CleanWell Solutions — filtration services, wellbore cleanup fluids, mechanical wellbore cleaning tools, and optimized software modeling — effectively clean your well, preparing it for completion, while prolonging the life of the well for maximized productivity.

3D graphic of Halliburton's CleanWell Vali Tech downhole mechanical filter
Collect solid contaminates remaining in vertical or deviated wellbores using our CleanWell® Vali Tech® downhole mechanical filter.

Mature Fields

Premium magnet outperforms competition, recovers downhole debris

Operator in Asia Pacific saves $8.1 million, optimizes milling performance using PowerMag® casing magnet.

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North Sea

Wellbore cleanout in a single-trip

Turbo Tech® II valve and Inflow Tech® packer enable Norway operator to achieve a level of well efficiency previously unachievable 

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Dirty well? Clean it with Halliburton's CleanWell System

Dirty well? Clean it with Halliburton's CleanWell System


CleanWell technology saves two days of rig time

Drill Tech® scrapers allow operator in Azerbaijan to save $850,000

Case Study
45 m

Successfully underreamed without pack-off issues


Estimated savings per well for one major operator


Reduction in NPT

4 days

Rig time saved after successfully drilled wells


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