G-Force System enables perforating in any direction regardless of gun and casing positioning 

The Halliburton G-Force system comprises an internal orienting charge tube assembly and gun carrier system that allows perforating in any direction irrespective of the gun’s position relative to the casing. 

With an orientation accuracy range of ± 5°, the G-Force system overcomes adverse factors that can significantly decrease the ability to orient the guns in a desired direction. 

G-Force internal orienting mechanism
G-Force internal orienting mechanism

Unlike externally oriented systems that use devices and weights external to the gun and exposed to the casing environment, the G-Force orienting mechanism is contained within the gun carrier. This eliminates added friction created by external guns moving axially down the casing wall and minimizes doglegs and other discontinuities during the deployment that can cause loss of orientation. In addition, because the G-Force rotating orienting device is contained inside the protective environment of the carrier, the fundamental orienting design is unaffected by potential restrictions in the completion string. 


  • Increased orientation accuracy range of ± 5° in wells of 25° deviation and greater
  • Can be loaded as a KleenZone® system for low-debris applications 
  • Compatible with live well intervention systems such as the AutoLatch™ connector, ratchet connector, and modular gun system 
  • Can be deployed on coiled tubing, wireline, slickline, or jointed pipe


  • Orienting mechanism within the gun carrier, unaffected by restrictions in the completion string or well debris 
  • Can be run through tubing to orient in casing 
  • No need for fin tandems, eccentric tandems, or swivel subs
  • Gun assemblies can be centralized in the casing
  • No external weight bars required, eliminating gaps between loaded sections and lost shots 
  • Gun orientation can be verified after gun retrieval

G-Force saved over 50 hours of rig time

In West Africa, a customer needed to manage sand flow into the wellbore and overcome challenges inlcuding loss of perforations in the productive zone due to the use of eccentric weighted hollow steel carriers, along with loss of orientation accuracy due to excessive torque and drag associated with conventional orienting techniques. Using the G-Force oriented gun system to perforate in the direction of maximum principal stress, the customer was able to improve well performance and reduce operating time during makeup, deployment, and positioning of  of the gun assemblies, thus saving the customer over 50 hours of rig time.

G-Force oriened perfroating gun
G-Force oriened perfroating gun

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