Halliburton Pinnacle is the leader in providing fracture mapping and reservoir monitoring services. Our customers operate worldwide in unconventional, mature fields, and deep water environments.

Pinnacle delivers proven subsurface diagnostic performance 

Understanding fluid movement, or containment, at the reservoir level is critical to effectively managing your subsurface asset. Microdeformation monitoring is Pinnacle’s core technology for evaluating volumetric change during unconventional stimulation or long-term IOR/EOR or production activities. 

For nearly two decades, Pinnacle has developed and deployed an award-winning suite of microdeformation diagnostics. In the process, we have created immense production optimization and risk mitigation value for customers in a broad variety of global basins and geographies. Pinnacle diagnostic tools have been employed to understand complexity and fluid placement behavior in propped and unpropped fracture treatments in vertical and horizontal wells. They are also critical in evaluating secondary and enhanced oil recovery performance, subsurface waste disposal, and geotechnical monitoring. 


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