Intelligent slickline conveyance for well intervention 

With the RELAY digital slickline system, you can improve well intervention efficiency, reduce uncertainty, and minimize environmental impact.  

Whether you’re looking for powered mechanical intervention solutions, plug setting, perforating, surface readout production logging, or pulsed neutron logging, this rugged system easily adapts to existing slickline units for quick deployment and ease of use. 


Reduction in slickline footprint


Maximum temperature for reliable conveyance


PSI maximum pressure 


Ft/min with 300-lb. load



North Sea operator saves 34 hours of rig time

A UK North Sea operator used RELAY™ DSL to confirm if a subsea shale formation would provide an effective plug and abandonment barrier. 

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Increase Efficiency and Versatility in Well Intervention

RELAY™ DSL combines the diagnostic capabilities of wireline with the quick delivery of slickline for improved well intervention efficiency.

Increase Efficiency and Versatility in Well Intervention

Improved well intervention efficiency

The RELAY™ digital slickline system features two-way communication via a wireless transceiver, and can provide real-time depth correlation on slickline, formation evaluation, and production logging. The surface readout capability reduces nonproductive time and is fully backed up with memory.

Innovative design

The ultra-smooth surface reduces line drag, decreasing key-seat damage to the tubular while increasing effective service depth. Our proprietary high-temperature thermoplastic coating is highly resistant to aggressive well fluids and conditions. 

Versatile operations, compact footprint

RELAY™ DSL uses a single drum and slickline pressure control equipment for all mechanical, diagnostic, and perforating operations. As a result, it has a smaller footprint compared to an e-line unit, making it versatile across a broad variety of conditions and applications. 

Simplified logistics, less risk

The highly efficient RELAY™ DSL system ensures lower unit and rig-up equipment costs, fewer crane lifts, and reduced crew requirements. This helps you minimize HSE risks. 


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