Safely plug wells and help prevent carbon emissions with new abandonment service 

Companies have an incentive to reduce emissions and their carbon footprint. Accurately measuring reductions in emissions can give companies the assurance that the well has been plugged properly the first time, reducing the risk that the well would need to be re-entered or re-plugged in the future.

A cross-functional Halliburton team uses a long-term, sustainable approach to address the unique environmental, administrative, and technical challenges of the many abandoned wells across North America. With the Well Assure service, combining engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services in one package helps eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of planning and executing plugging operations. 

The Halliburton Well Assure service starts by testing the well prior to plugging operations to determine if the well is leaking any emissions. This allows for quantification and analysis of emissions to determine which gas and how much is being emitted. Once plugging operations are complete, another test is performed to ensure there has been a reduction or complete elimination of greenhouse gas emissions, providing assurance the plug job was successful.  


Operators/state entities are involved in approving schematics and plugging programs to ensure regulations and requirements are met to state specifications, and the proper permits are filed correctly.


One company handling the vendor procurement process is a great way to partner with small, local companies that may not otherwise be able to participate in the bidding process, allowing for economic growth and stimulation. Smaller companies may not have the funds to fulfill bonding requirements, if applicable, or may be unable to provide the full-service spectrum required to complete a request for proposal.


Ensuring a well site is properly constructed and follows requirements prior to plugging operations is crucial. Once a well has been properly plugged, reclamation of the site is equally important. Leaving a well site better than it was found is not only important from a safety aspect but makes us better stewards of our natural resources that will benefit future generations. 

Evaluating an EPC approach

The engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) approach provides a single point of contact whose responsibility is to ensure the project is completed as planned, which proves more economical and reduces the burden on the operator and state entity resources. 


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