Halliburton offers customized services and solutions for all pipe-cutting challenges. Our life-of-well solutions deliver complete support from well planning to drilling, completion, production, intervention, and plug and abandonment (P&A). Using one service provider for the entire job gives you global reach, expert knowledge, close collaboration, and fast response to ensure the best possible outcome at every stage of your well’s life cycle.

ClearCut™ Cutting Solutions

ClearCut™ Cutting Solutions

ClearCut™ Cutting Solutions

ClearCut powered mechanical cutting tools perform precise, machine-shop quality, radial pipe cuts, regardless of depth and pipe compression.



New pipe-cutting solution helps achieve required P&A

The Halliburton ClearCut powered mechanical cutter helps an operator in the North Sea save days of nonproductive time. 

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Superior downhole powered mechanical cutting

Halliburton powered mechanical cutting systems are superior to conventional methods. Our cutting-tool precision and combinability ensures fast and targeted cuts. Our cutting systems are safe, efficient and effective.  

Single and rotary-blade cutting tools

Engineered for the toughest problems, our ClearCut™ powered mechanical cutters come in either a single- or rotating-blade cutting configuration driven by downhole electric motors. Single cuts or multiple cuts can be performed in the same run. Our ClearCut™-RB Rotating-Blade cutting tool is unique in that it has independent control over cutting-head rotation, blade feed out, and cutting-blade rotation to perform full radial cuts or pipe slots on multiple plains. 

Non-Explosive hole punching

The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit (DPU®) Actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing. When workover requirements require rapid mobilization, the tubing perforator helps cut costs while providing a safe, effective, and dependable solution for perforating tubing. Offering conveyance flexibility, the tubing perforator can be run on slickline, electric line, or coiled tubing, offering versatility and economy to meet multiple operational requirements. 


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