Modular design for faster, easier preparation  

The VelocityTM perforating gun system provides safe, efficient, and reliable operations. A shorter and lighter design is engineered for the fast-paced pump-down perforating environment, without requiring any field wiring of guns, detonators, or igniters. It minimizes pump-down equipment complexity, improves vital run rate efficiencies, and can be fully verified on-surface before making a trip in the well.  

The power of multiple charges and switch options

Combining premier engineering with industry-trusted technology, the Velocity perforating gun system provides safe, fast, efficient, and reliable operations. Shorter and lighter in design, Velocity is engineered for the fast-paced pump-down perforating environment. It minimizes pump-down equipment complexity and improves vital run rate efficiencies.

The Velocity Modular Gun System

With open architecture, modular design, and plug-and-play detonators, Velocity gives you the freedom to use different charges and switches.

The Velocity Modular Gun System

PSI minimum pressure rating


Detonator temperature (350°F/1hr)


Detonator and igniter cartridges


Reduction in make-up length 

Choice of preloaded charges and multiple switches 

Velocity guns are fully addressable, with any communication problems identified well before a gun is fired. Guns can be digitally checked on-surface and at any time during the descent. Open architecture enables multiple charges and switches to create a solution customized to your well. The Velocity plug-and-play setup reduces potential leak paths and eliminates errors associated with field wiring. 


  • Push-in detonator and igniter 
  • Prewired for reliability 
  • Reduced connections and leak paths 
  • Digital switch technology 
  • Accepts all industry-standard perforating charges

Safe and reliable 

Velocity guns do not rely on legacy pressure-actuated switches—a leading causal factor for wireline NPT. Velocity’s digital switches allow a misfired gun to be skipped so operations are uninterrupted. The detonator and igniter cartridges have been tested by an independent third-party laboratory and are certified RF safe and voltage safe up to 500V. 


  • Gun strings prepared in less time 
  • Shorter overall length 
  • Elimination of errors associated with gun wiring 
  • Improved stage efficiency and reduced non-productive time 
  • Reduced HSE exposure and environmental impact 

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