Minimize perforating debris

With a proprietary charge tube design, the MaxForce Flow Ultra-Kleen family provides an almost debris-free operation, even in severe doglegs and high-angle wells. The Big Hole MaxForce Flow Ultra-Kleen System helps ensure that debris created from shaped charges is minimized, containing larger debris pieces within the gun system for safe, clean perforating without sacrificing flow area. The system also reduces dynamic transient forces during the perforation event, which safeguards the completion and tubing-conveyed perforating string.


  • Has the lowest amount of debris that exits the carrier during and after the perforating event 
  • High-pressure rating that is suited for deep water 
  • Delivers high-flow area of 13.04 sq. in./ft 
  • Reduces dynamic transient forces during the perforating event 
  • Reduces risk of screen washout by reducing pressure drawdown and flow rate per perforation 

  • Reduces risk of sanding production due to drag from fluid, gas turbulence
  • Reduces risk downhole for mechanical problems related to charge debris during stimulation treatments
  • Shot phasing that limits stress contrast and helps prevent tunnel-to-tunnel stress failures
  • Maximized gun size without sacrificing the ability to fish in heavier wall casings


  • Provides an exceptional effective perforation solution focused on: 
    • Deep water 
    • Sand control completions 
    • Stimulation completions 
    • Gravel pack, frac pack, or high-rate water pack 
    • Natural completions
  • Can eliminate potential costs associated with sand production without mechanical segregation techniques 
  • Can eliminate potential issues associated with perforating debris 


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