Make the right drilling and completion engineering decisions 

Drilling and completions are becoming increasingly challenging, as the industry deals with horizontal laterals, over-pressured reservoirs, deeper water, thick salt sections, depleted intervals, lost circulation, and economic constraints.

Halliburton global expertise helps you select and apply innovative drilling and completion technologies, customizing to the specific needs of your wells and reservoirs.

Time is money, and our approach to drilling and completions engineering aligns with your need to develop your fields efficiently while enhancing well productivity.

Our engineers use the latest drilling software, collaborative well planning techniques, and geomechanical modeling to meet your needs.

Best practices in drilling and completions engineering

Halliburton expertise helps you efficiently engineer and apply leading-edge technologies in drilling and completions so that you achieve operational and financial success:

  • Tailor casing, bit, hydraulic, and other program elements to expected challenges in each formation with drilling program designs
  • Ensure the integrity and functionality of your well throughout its life cycle with well modeling and casing/tubular design
  • Ensure fit-for-purpose wells are placed optimally and drilled efficiently with collaborative well planning and geomechanical modeling
  • Help to maximize well productivity and minimize the need for future intervention with completion designs
  • Enhance reservoir contact, well productivity, and ultimate recovery with fracturing and stimulation technologies
  • Increase operating efficiency and production with design and modeling of advanced completions, such as internal control valves and ICDs