Superior performance and consistent well delivery

At Halliburton, our presence in the Permian is built on commitment to safety, execution, and collaboration to help ensure that every well is delivered with precision and consistency. As we navigate the dynamic landscapes of this region, we collaborate with operators to set new benchmarks for superior performance and consistent well delivery. Through engineering, automation, and remote operations, Halliburton helps plan, design, and execute advanced well development. 

World Oil - The evolution of one run intervals

Today, many operators face a similar drilling challenge: To optimize the bottomhole assembly (BHA) and drill multiple wellbore sections in a single run.

Halliburton continues to improve tool reliability and capabilities to achieve these goals with the iCruise® X intelligent rotary steerable system (RSS) and the HyperSteer™ directional drill bit line.

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Ready for longer, more consistent runs?

HyperSteer™ directional drill bit technology helps operator achieve longer, more consistent runs setting a new spud to TD record in the Wolfcamp D formation, surpassing the previous operator record by more than five days.

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Delaware Basin

An engineered approach to high DLS generation

A motorized iCruise® X intelligent rotary steerable system with a NitroForce RS motor deliver up to 12°/100 ft dogleg in the 8 ½-in. section. The low flow bypass of the motor maximized the pad force of the RSS and improved steerability.

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Delaware Basin

Sealant helps accelerate drilling time, maximize wellbore integrity

Discover how the successful application of BaraSeal™-957 helped a Delaware Basin operator reduce drilling time by more than 43%, as well as decrease the risk of stuck pipe and jarring incidents.

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Tailored solutions for a digital ecosystem

Our collaborative success in the Permian is not a result of individual efforts but a synergy of various elements working seamlessly together. We recognize that success is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our approach is centered on understanding unique operator challenges and offering a comprehensive package that caters specifically to their needs.

 Success in the Midland Basin

Success in the Midland Basin

An operator saves 1.9 days while drilling a shoe-to-shoe curve-lateral, delivering an impressive 5,082 feet in just 24 hours.

Motorized iCruise® X RSS

The iCruise X Intelligent rotary steerable system is an automation-enabled platform designed specifically for longer well applications in harsh environments. With 6 high-speed processors, 3 tool face measurements, 1,000 measurements per second, and 400 rotations per minute, this technology extended operating limits.

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HyperSteer™ Directional Drill Bit

Drilling a curve and lateral on the iCruise X RSS required a highly steerable bit to meet dogleg severity requirements. Simultaneously, the bit was stable at a higher rate of penetration to minimize harmful shocks and vibrations when drilling the lateral. The HyperSteer directional drill bit minimized makeup length without eliminating the gauge pads.

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Exceed expectations, reduce time

Exceed expectations, reduce time

An operator accomplished over 6 consecutive single-run curve-laterals, each spanning more than 60,000 feet to complete finishing wells a remarkable 6 days ahead of the original plan.

Motorized iCruise® X RSS

Halliburton had the durability to deliver accurate, smooth 3D wells and laterals faster in the harsh drilling application. Halliburton has engineered a system of advanced sensors and electronics, sophisticated algorithms, and high-speed processors that helped the operator place the well more accurately.

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Hedron® Fixed Cutter Drill Bit

Halliburton Drill Bits and Services' Hedron® platform of fixed cutter drill bits combines state-of-the-art technology with an industry-leading customization process to deliver the highest-performing, application-specific design on the market.

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The Permian, where challenges meet opportunity

Halliburton helps to provide valuable insights and service quality to maximize production. We integrate technology, services, tools, and local expertise to deliver efficient, reliable performance wherever you drill. We help you drill precisely, make real-time adjustments, and hit the sweet spot to save cost and reach goals. It’s not about what we've achieved; it's about how we can help you achieve more.

Delaware basin

New breakthrough in the Permian

The first lateral with Tracker® gauge pad technology in this region excelled in optimal dull conditions, steering precisely as planned.

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Tracker gauge pad technology

Tracker gauge pad technology
Precise well placement
Precise well placement

Midland basin

100% well placement achieved

An operator in the Midland basin accomplished 27% improvement in ROP through precise well placement in mastering 2-mile laterals was made possible by the exceptional capabilities of the Motorized iCruise X RSS equipped with CruiseControl® technology, paired with the advanced Gti HDBS Bit.

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permian basin

See, measure, and act on simul-frac behavior to maximize recovery

Discover how SmartFleet's fracture monitoring system empowered operators in the Permian to see, measure, and act on subsurface fracture behavior in real-time, enabling faster validation of completion design and optimization of fracture operations for enhanced recovery and operational efficiency.

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SmartFleet fracture monitoring system
SmartFleet fracture monitoring system

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