Precise well placement and reduced well time in harsh environments and long wells

The iCruise® X Intelligent Rotary Steerable System (RSS) from Halliburton is an automation-enabled platform designed specifically for longer well applications in harsh environments. The new generation RSS is built around the proven ability of the iCruise® RSS to reduce well time and accurately place the wellbore. The robust mechanical design and higher-strength materials optimize performance in geologically complex wells and harsh environments.


iCruise X

iCruise X extends operating limits

Operators have the durability to deliver accurate, smooth 3D wells and laterals faster in harsh drilling applications.

Rami Yassine, vice president, Sperry Drilling

iCruise X for harsh environments and long wells

iCruise X for harsh environments and long wells

High-speed processors


Tool face measurements


Measurements per second


Rotations per minute

The iCruise Difference

Halliburton's iCruise X and iCruise Intelligent Rotary Steerable Systems optimize drilling in any environment.

The iCruise Difference

iCruise X Performance

Drilling curve section in a tough, abrasive formation

A large operator in the Middle East ran iCruise X and drilled the curve section in one run and beat the record for the basin by 30 percent, saving the operator valuable well time.

Robust design for every reservoir

Innovative enhancements of the iCruise X intelligent RSS help operators achieve predictable, reliable results in the most challenging conditions including higher temperatures, variable quality mud chemistry, and when a high dogleg severity is needed.  The rugged RSS incorporates a new steering head with a collar design that can withstand high-frequency torsional oscillations and strong connections. This extends the life of the collar while drilling high dogleg curve sections.

Advanced sealing system

Advanced seals deliver long lasting durability in normal or abrasive formations and in normal, extended reach, and multilateral wells. 

Drill vertical/curve/lateral

New seals withstand higher internal pressures and deliver more force enabling drilling in one run with stiffer bottom hole assemblies.

CruiseControl® technology

Drill smoother laterals with less human intervention with automation enabled by the CruiseControl technology.

Automation-enabled for quality and control

The iCruise X intelligent RSS includes advanced electronics, sophisticated algorithms, multiple sensors and survey packages, and high-speed processors to support drilling automation. Through the LOGIX®  Autonomous Drilling Platform, the iCruise X service autonomously steers wells and is equipped with collision avoidance capabilities in real-time to reduce downhole hazards and provide operators with faster, consistent, and repeatable drilling performance. 

Achieving predictable results

The iCruise X intelligent RSS integrates with the autonomous drilling platform commands that are calculated from physics-based models, a BHA digital twin, and machine learning from real-time data analytics to improve collision avoidance and reduce downhole hazards.

By automating the drilling process, we can help operators maximize asset value through reduced well time, fewer rig site personnel, and lower costs per BOE, while delivering predictable, reliable, and consistent results.

Autonomous steering

Steering commands help plan, project the well path, optimize wellbore trajectory, and avoid hazards and collisions.

Monitor downhole conditions

Vibration commands provide optimal drilling parameter ranges to manage downhole vibration and allow better directional control.


  • Six high-speed processors
  • Three tool-face measurements
  • 1,000 measurements per second
  • Leading specs for WOB, RPM, and torque
  • Precise tool-face control
  • CruiseControl technology and LOGIX autonomous drilling platform integration
  • Advanced metal-to-metal seals
  • High-strength materials
  • High-strength connections
  • Greater pad force at the same downhole pressure


  • Longer runs in tough conditions
  • Precise well placement
  • Smooth vertical-curve-lateral wells
  • Reduced well time

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