Improve dog leg severity in the curve and increase stability with Tracker gauge pad technology

Steerability and stability are key requirements in drill bit optimization and efficiency. Halliburton Drill Bits and Services Design at the Customer Interface (DatCISM) process allows our engineers to customize gauge pad design utilizing Tracker® adjustable gauge pad technology for optimized performance. This technology optimizes bit-side cutting ability with the lateral forces applied by the BHA to change the position of the tracker element, optimizing stability and build rates.

Tracker gauge pad technology

Customized gauge pistons allow for increased steerability in directional applications and increased stability when holding angle.

Tracker gauge pad technology


Tracker® technology proves valuable in directional drilling campaign

Minimized run hours and eliminated costs associated with additional trips reduces overall costs for the operator.

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Customized gauge pistons allow for precise movement relative to the borehole during the drilling application to optimize efficiency and performance. Throughout the development process, the Tracker gauge pad forces have been calibrated utilizing advanced Cerebro Force™ in-bit measurements allowing for optimal configurations in all applications.


  • Steerability in the curve
  • Stability in the lateral
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Increased drilling efficiency

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