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With core acreage diminishing and parent-child interference increasing, subsurface insight over what is taking place down hole has never been more important. However, many completions today are executed with high uncertainty. With limited subsurface insight, making completion improvements takes time and typically a high well count.

Halliburton is automating intelligent systems at the surface to drive consistency and efficiency, while applying real-time fracture measurements to control subsurface outcomes thousands of feet below. Outcomes you can see live, in 3D, such as cluster uniformity and fracture geometry. Outcomes you can control, every stage and every well.


Where subsurface measurements meet intelligent automation

The next frontier for stimulation is intelligent fracturing. Intelligent fracturing is our ability to connect insight, automation and intelligence in a way that provides operators with newfound control.

Control that drives efficiency at the surface and performance in the subsurface.

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SmartFleet™ Intelligent Fracturing System

SmartFleet™ Intelligent Fracturing System

Measure, visualize and act on subsurface fracture behavior in real time.


Start seeing, start controlling with SmartFleet™

Start seeing, start controlling with SmartFleet™

SmartFleet™ Intelligent Fracturing System

SmartFleet represents a step-change towards intelligent fracturing that gives operators the ability to optimize fracture outcomes while pumping, allowing them to drive capital efficiency and asset performance.

The SmartFleet system is the first of its kind, giving operators the ability to see and control how they land their fracs

Halliburton introduces first intelligent fracturing system

Michael Segura, VP of Completion and Production
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