Simplify the routine use of big data

The challenge with unconventional shale is the variability of the rock. Although data is typically acquired to identify optimal well placement, very little data is acquired during fracture stimulation, which is when most of the dynamic variations in the subsurface take place.

As an industry, we realize that challenges such as fracture performance and well spacing can inhibit your ability to improve recovery factors. If you want to understand which clusters are contributing to production and why, you need more frequent data sampling near the wellbore. If you want to evaluate the impact your frac made in the far-field to optimize well spacing, you need a continuous understanding of cross-well fracture behavior.

However, data only generates value when you can quickly and confidently improve fracture designs to optimize economics and recovery. At Halliburton, we have simplified the routine use of big data when it comes to fracture monitoring. The Sensori™ fracture monitoring service combines non-intrusive technologies, advanced data acquisition and processing, and real-time answers into a single, cost-effective solution that empowers operators with unparalleled visibility and control over fracture performance.

Sensori™ fracture monitoring service

Fracture monitoring, simplified

  • Easy to deploy, non-intrusive diagnostics that lower cost and complexity
  • Continuous measurement and visualization of fluid distribution, stage efficiency, fracture geometry, and well interactions
  • Real-time acquisition and processing of near-well and far-field measurements for multiple well pads across an entire asset
  • Data automation and cloud processing for real-time access to subsurface insights



A Halliburton employee working with the Sensori fracture monitoring system through multiple display screens.
The Sensori service is fracture monitoring simplified.

Low-cost, easy to deploy diagnostics


Real-time subsurface measurement and visualization


Simplified, non-intrusive installation


Continuous, automated data acquisition and processing

Real-time visualization of fracture performance

The Sensori service provides near-well and far-field fracture monitoring services that allow you to integrate, visualize, and analyze subsurface fracture measurements in real time for multiple well pads across an entire asset.

With the Sensori™ Near-Well service, you can evaluate the performance of fracture designs near the wellbore. Using a stage efficiency (SE) index, this service provides a quantitative measurement of fluid distribution on a stage-by-stage level to optimize cluster design and stage lengths.

The Sensori™ Cross-Well service allows operators to monitor the far-field for a better understanding of fracture growth and well interactions. Through the continuous acquisition of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) microseismic, and strain measurements, the Sensori Cross-Well service provides real-time visualization of fracture azimuth, growth rate, and geometry. This provides you with a detailed picture of when, where, and why frac hits occur.

But what truly sets the Sensori service apart is its ability to integrate these insights for a more complete view of fracture performance. By integrating both near-well and cross-well monitoring, you gain a complete understanding of how stage-level distribution is impacting far-field response.

Cost-effective, minimally intrusive downhole diagnostics 

The Sensori service minimizes the cost and complexity of fracture monitoring by using non-intrusive diagnostics that allow more frequent acquisition of quality, subsurface measurements.

With the Sensori™ Pulse fracture monitoring service you gain an understanding of flow uniformity across each stage without the deployment of downhole diagnostics. At the end of each stage, the Sensori Pulse service generates a pressure wave that travels down and back up  the wellbore. This pressure response is analyzed and processed in real time to calculate a measurement of stage performance. The stage efficiency (SE) index provides a quantitative measurement of flow distribution on a stage-by-stage level.

Using ExpressFiber™ disposable fiber cable, the Sensori service provides affordable, high-quality data acquisition for routine cross-well monitoring. The service provides a direct measurement of well interference at a price point comparable to tracers and indirect pressure analysis. The ExpressFiber service can be run in offset wells in a matter of hours, to acquire direct measurements of DAS microseismic, strain, and temperature. 

Sensori™ Cube remote automated monitoring service

Automated, continuous data acquisition and processing

We've simplified how we acquire, process, and streamline data to provide real-time insights on every pad without interfering with existing operations. This service enables transparent, seamless data acquisition across the pad, providing live feedback of fracture behavior. It also minimizes operational complexity by eliminating trailers, additional personnel, cranes, and extensive pressure control.

Sensori™ Cube remote automated monitoring service app on phone screen
Sensori™ Cube remote automated monitoring service simplifies how we acquire, process, and streamline data.
Sensori™ remote monitoring app screenshots.
The Sensori™ remote monitoring app keeps you connected on the go.

Sensori™ remote monitoring app

Stay connected on the go

The Sensori app makes real-time insights more accessible, giving you access to fracture performance anytime, anywhere.

Discover the Sensori service

ExpressFiber™ disposable fiber cable

ExpressFiber™ disposable fiber cable

The ExpressFiber disposable fiber cable is an economic, low-risk fiber solution for cross-well monitoring that provides direct measurement of well interference.


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