Specific Challenge

Production declined and pump intake pressure (PIP) dropped

Region - North America Region - North America

West Texas

Region - North America


Operators set ESP systems in the vertical section of highly deviated wellbores to avoid the risk of running through the curve, but production may not be optimized, and ESP pumps must be downsized when wells pump off


The Intelevate™ team collaborated with the local Application Engineer to assess and optimize the well, ultimately suggesting a new landing zone in the tangent


  • Successfully set the ESP at a lower point within the tangent without encountering any issues
  • Avoided the cost of a workover rig
  • Mitigated pump-off risk by setting a lower ESP set point and increased production by 330 BOPD and 475 MCFPD


Operators often place ESPs in the vertical section of highly deviated wellbores to avoid running through the curve. However, this approach may not optimize production initially, and downsizing equipment becomes necessary as production declines.


Recently, a West Texas operator set a Summit ESP 30 ft. above the kickoff point (KOP) at approximately 4,200 ft. true vertical depth (TVD) but was concerned about potential pump off as production declined and pump intake pressure (PIP) dropped to 300 psi.


The collaborative efforts of Intelevate™ software platform and application engineering teams led to significant improvements in well production. By analyzing operational data and key performance indicators (KPIs), they recommended adjusting the system to the tangent at approximately 60° inclination. Remarkably, this adjustment allowed for reusing the existing ESP without the need for well pulling or equipment replacement. The ESP was successfully lowered to a depth of 5200 ft. measured depth (MD) within the well, optimizing production efficiency.


The lower set point increased PIP from 390 to 550 psi. Oil production increased by 330 BOPD, and gas increased by 475 MCFPD; the water-cut and gas-oil ratio (GOR) remained the same. By placing trust in Halliburton, the customer's bottom line improved by roughly $31,000 per day in production revenue (at $85/BO and $7/MSCF). Over the subsequent 20 days, this translated to a total gain of just over $627,000, all achieved with minimal additional costs.


BOPD prodcution increase


MCFPD gas increase


Prodcution revenue increase per day


Revenue increase 20 days following recommendation

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The Intelevate™ Platform

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