FlexRite® Isolated Tie-Back Multilateral System

The FlexRite® system provides a hydraulically isolated TAML level 5 high-strength junction with sand control. This aluminum wrapped pre-milled window system incorporates a flexible junction with two semi-circular sections to maximize cross-sectional flow area and load carrying capability. The high strength of the junction allows the installation of long lateral screens for increased reservoir exposure and production capability. The FlexRite system offers through-tubing intervention and lateral re-entry with separate workover capabilities. Operations such as production logs, stimulation, clean out, water and gas isolation, water and gas shut off and can be performed on both the lower mainbore and lateral liners. The system also has the capability for an Intelligent Completion Interface.


  • Aluminum-wrapped pre-milled window allows easy drill-out with no steel debris, reducing costly clean-out trips and minimizing risk in subsea applications
  • Increased reservoir exposure as long lateral screens can be installed through the high-strength junction
  • Maximum flow area at the lateral junction for production optimization
  • Isolated TAML level 5 junction helps eliminate sand production
  • Permanent downhole latch coupling reference for depth and orientation control
  • Allows isolation and flow control of lower mainbore and lateral
  • Junctions can be stacked to allow for multiple junctions from the same wellbore


  • Pre-milled FlexRite window joint with orienting latch coupling
  • Flexible junction is normally landed in the completion deflector and junction, using a MWD sensor to confirm final orientation
  • Deflector with internal sealing component
  • Flexible junction with two D-shaped tubulars to maximize flow area/load carrying capability
  • Uses Y block to allow non-rig intervention with coiled tubing or wireline

FlexRite® Isolated Tie-Back Multilateral System (TAML Level 5)

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Summary Summary FlexRite® System Installation Sequence Sign in required
The FlexRite system is designed to create a level 5 junction for multilateral wells that require hydraulic pressure integrity at the junction using completion equipment.
Summary Summary FlexRite® Multilateral Completion System
The industry's most robust and most versatile TAML Level 5 multilateral completion system
Summary Summary Advanced Completion Solutions
Integrated production and reservoir management system
Summary Summary Norway: Two Production Wells in Different Pressured Reservoirs Receive High-Pressure Water Injection from One Multilateral Well
StatoilHydro required a TAML level 5 multilateral junction constructed from a subsea platform with the ability to accommodate high injection pressure and possible large pressure differences between the two lateral branches in two different reservoirs.
Summary Summary First successful installation of parking sub and fluid loss isolation barrier valve in multilateral well
Apache Energy had a subsea multilateral field development off Northwest Australia that required a sand control screen as part of their lower completion in order to control sand production from the targeted reservoirs.
Summary Summary Australia: FlexRite® Multilateral System Delivers Increased Reservoir Exposure with Reduced Capital and Operational Expenditures
Apache Energy Ltd. in Western Australia wanted to increase reservoir exposure in an environmentally sensitive field while keeping the development footprint and disturbance to the seabed minimal.
Summary Summary Australia: New Multilateral Window Exit Technology from Halliburton Reduces Installation Time and Helps Operator Save an Estimated $3.3 Million
An operator developing a deepwater field off the Australian NW Shelf required a minimal subsea infrastructure with tight lateral spacing in an environmentally sensitive area.
Summary Summary XtremeGrip MLT System
Integrated expandable liner hanger for multilateral applications.
Summary Summary FlexRite® Isolated Tie-Back Multilateral System (TAML Level 5)
The FlexRite system offers through-tubing intervention and lateral re-entry with separate workover capabilities.
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