Maximize well recovery, minimize environmental footprint

The FlexRite® Selective Access (SA) Multilateral Completion System is a TAML Level 5 multilateral completion junction. With pressure ratings of up to 10,000 psi, the robust design of the FlexRite SA system can execute multilateral well strategies in complex reservoir conditions, providing efficient access to hydrocarbon reserves. This improves operator productivity while reducing costs and the environmental footprint.

Robust, simple, and flexible - FlexRite SA multilateral system is ideal for new multilateral developments or retrofit applications in deepwater and onshore operations with future applications in re-completion operations.


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FlexRite Selective Access system maximizes recovery factors and improves well economics, while increasing the viable applications for multilateral well strategies

David Loveless - VP, Halliburton Completion Tools
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FlexRite SA system

Execute multilateral well strategies in complex reservoir conditions

FlexRite SA system

The next evolution in multilateral technology

  • Extend the performance envelope of multilateral technology

  • Bring life-of-well versatility to multilateral wells

  • Simplify stimulation operations in multilateral wells


  • Industry-leading ratings enable execution of multilateral strategies in complex reservoir conditions​

  • Multilateral strategies can be applied to more complex wells


  • Selective mechanical branch access allows for post-completion intervention

  • Simplifies well intervenstion

  • Lowers cost of well intervention

  • Extends life of well

  • Extends life of multilateral field

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FlexRite®  Multilateral Completion System

FlexRite® Multilateral Completion System

The Halliburton FlexRite multilateral system is robust, versatile, and configurable for TAML Level 5 pressure sealed junctions


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