Through-tubing lateral re-entry 

The IsoRite multilateral completion system provides through-tubing re-entry capability in TAML Level 2 and 4 wells, eliminating the need to pull the upper completion. Re-entry access to the lateral improves the efficiency of future workovers and intervention operations, saving rig time and costs. The IsoRite system incorporates a completion window equipped with a landing profile and sealbore that enable the setting of a deflector for lateral access or an isolation sleeve for lateral control. Optional intelligent completion interface allows for monitoring and flow control of each lateral branch. This incremental modular system can be used to upgrade existing junctions. 

IsoRite feed-through completion system

The IsoRite feed-through completion system provides through-tubing lateral access with selective inflow control during the life of the well. A completion window with feed-through capabilities for control lines enables placement of control valves and gauges closer to the reservoir and below the window. The self-aligning latching mechanism enables orientation and setting of the completion window without rotation.

IsoRite feed-through MLT completion system installation

IsoRite feed-through MLT completion system installation

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